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Sierra Courier provides a total logistics solution with services ranging from ground, air, truck, warehouse and specialty courier services that can ship to any location in the world. Our service fleet ranges from bicycles and cars to 5 ton trucks and tractor trailers, allowing Sierra to offer a full range of vehicle options. The depth of our fleet allows us to offer both scheduled or dedicated driver services as well as a range of on demand, regular, rush and direct delivery services. In addition to our standard services we also offer a range of specialty services such as Temperature Controlled delivery, Flat Deck and Power Tailgate solutions. In conjunction with the rest of our services, we offer short and long term warehousing, distribution and Crossdocking services to provide utmost flexibility. - Courier Services o On Demand, Scheduled and Dedicated o Regular, Rush and Direct - Freight Services o On Demand, Scheduled and Dedicated o Temperature Controlled o Flat Deck o Power Tailgate - Warehousing & Distribution - Crossdocking & Rail

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