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In 1948, the original owners, Hanford and Drewitt had a goal to introduce only the best men's clothing and offer the finest on-site tailoring to men in Winnipeg. With an emphasis on luxury fabrics and exclusive collections, Hanford and Drewitt brought a unique vision of upscale fashion to Winnipeg and has been offering the best in clothing and sportswear ever since. Our selections still today offer an elegance that is current, yet timeless. Our passion for quality is only matched by our attention to the elements of good taste, to the style and details which define the times. This commitment has led us to offer our own refined approach to dressing well. The present location designed by award winning architect Ron Keenberg is located on the corner of Broadway and Carlton Street in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, only minutes away from The Hotel Fort Garry. Hanford Drewitt introduced Hugo Boss to Winnipeg in 1978 and was one of the first stores in Western Canada to pioneer the collection. Over the years we have continually introduced new lines to the market, influencing local fashion trends with European styles. We have committed our buyer to European products, predominantly from Italy, with other lines from Germany, France, and England. We are always searching for exciting new products to pass along to our customers. Strongly rooted to the Winnipeg community we are actively involved with local charities, groups and events. Contributing and participating with The United Way, Misericordia Foundation (MHC), Health Sciences Center (HSC), Fort Whyte Center, and many others. Providing the kind of personalized service that was once taken for granted, but now is increasingly rare.

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