Patricia Veert

Selective Professionals' Network

Personal Networking


We are an upscale, confidential network which allows successful single professionals to have a better way to meet other like-minded single professional women or men. As a personal network, we provide a great service for those seeking a classier and efficient way to meet other single professionals. Our work would be akin to a personal headhunter—seeking a good fit on both sides before introducing two people. We are 100% offline. We set up the connection through a confidential meeting and the rest is up the individuals. Our clientele is ambitious, driven career-oriented men and women—doctors, lawyers, dentists, business owners, teachers, senior management, designers, accountants, etc. We offer a wide range of A’ La Carte services to our clients, in order to help them put their best foot forward.

Good Lead

Any single professional (with post-secondary education and/ or a business owner) man or woman between the ages of 25-75 who would like an upscale, efficient way to confidentially meet pre-qualified single professional men or women.