Dr. Ken Hamin

Reflections Dental Health Centre




All forms of dentistry. Particularly specialized in providing sedation for patients who are nervous about treatment. Dental Implants, Wisdom teeth and gum surgery,and a lot of expertise in cosmetic and Aesthetic treatments. Complex full mouth rehabilitations are done regularly. Sleep apnea and snoring assessments and treatments have been done for over 20 years experience. Also See a lot of kids who we really enjoy seeing. Also Dr Hamin is recognized by The International Association for Breath Malodor as being of the world experts on the condition Services that make us Unique include....Laser assisted dentistry means no needles or drill...Latex safe so no potential for latex allergic reaction or sensitivity development...All water in office is treated by reverse osmosis on site for purer water ...Electric silent drills....Hospital grade sterilization...Great educated and up to date team of professionals working with you in every way possible and with a smile.......:) Dr Hamin has taught Dentistry at the Dental school for 17 years to the dental students. He teaches diagnosis, TMJ treatment and assessment, treatment planning, Bite evaluation, and Local anaesthetic and Dental Phobic patient management, He also lectures across the country on "Halitosis and Cosmetic dentistry- Perception is Reality"

Good Lead

Anyone who wants to get great quality care in a way that is comfortable and non stressful. Education is important when we care for our patients so handouts, models, and videos are used so there are no surprises both financially and in your treatment needs. Also ANY EMERGENCY DAY OR NIGHT AS THERE IS SOMEONE ON CALL 24/7 to help .