Chris Bisignano

Concourse Sports/Ergonomic Physiotherapy



Concourse Physiotherapy is a full-service physiotherapy clinical facility. We assess, diagnose and treat a comprehensive range of orthoaedic conditions, including: injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries, sports-related injuries, pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, repetitive strain conditions, such as: tendonitis, arthritis, bursitis, etc. chronic injuries of low back pain, headaches, joint sprains, etc. We focus upon sport-specific treatment and training, such as: golf, tennis, running, etc.We focus upon on-site ergonomic (workplace biomechanics and design) analysis and education programs. We have provided such services for almost every major bank, grain company and law firm at Portage & Main, both Winnipeg's daily newspapers and some of Manitoba's and Northern Ontario's manufacturing, lumber and mining companies. By appointment only.

Good Lead

An individual that requires immediate access to physiotherapy services following injury; sports, at work, repetitive strain or sprain or a company that requires ergonomic assessment, design or education services.


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