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Mortgage Logic sources residential and commercial mortgages, loans and lines of credit for people and businesses. Whether it is a simple residential mortgage or a structured commercial debt arrangement – we are the Experts at financing. Mortgage Logic specializes in: Planning, organizing and brokering for clients according to their lending requirements. Mortgage Logic will optimize their client’s debt structure using the very best lending products and interest rates. Don’t Go To The Bank! Go To the Market.® Let Mortgage Logic access the market for the very best rate & terms, along with superior knowledge and advice.

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1.) People or businesses who are purchasing property, building new, re-financing, consolidating, renovating, or renewing a mortgage for a residential or commercial property. This includes employees, friends, family, partners or just about anyone! 2.) Businesses that require loans, financing and financial analysis for non-real estate lending needs such as business acquisitions or management buyouts.


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