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Postcard Portables

Mobile Signage


Postcard Portables provides full colour billboard graphic prints for mobile sign advertising. Our billboards prints are 5 x 10 feet in size and our sign structures are made of aluminum for a professional, quality look for your roadside advertising. Postcard Portables offer the most PROFESSIONAL, EFFECTIVE, ADVERTISING FOR MOBILE SIGNS. We make billboards advertising come alive to viewers and make it what we really believe it should do: ATTRACT A LOT MORE ATTENTION to your MESSAGE. Our 4 in-house graphic designers (if required) do all custom high impact artwork to create your own full color billboards. The advertising usually incorporates using your company logo, a high-resolution picture of your product or service (the saying “picture is worth a thousand words”) along with a background on the billboard sign that makes viewers become visually and emotionally attached to your overall business message. Postcard Portables billboard advertising provides 24/7 exposure for your business products, services or events. The entire process from consultation, design, production, getting permits, to installation usually happens within 5 to 7 days. For most smaller business, they will discover it is the most cost-effective, affordable way of advertising their own services or products.

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